Inazuma Eleven - BUS PARTaYYY
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Inazuma Eleven - Dump #01 (163 icons) "More soccer balls than you can handle"

So... bored of Pokemon Black/White, I went to start iconing a few things from the Inazuma Eleven TCG, and it got a bit addicting as I realized how AWESOME these things are for icons... then I got enough to make an icon dump finally >_> Yay! \o/

♥21 fanart icons
♥141 official art (10 animated)
♥1 Misc (#48 lol)

Tons of spoilers up to anime ep 101 (yes, including 101).

Total Icon Count: 163


Collapse ) X-posted to inazuma_11 and inazuma_icons Thank you for the lovely comments, enjoy spreading Inazuma Eleven love <3 ~ hope to see you in the next icon dump too, however far off that may be xD;
Digimon Savers - Masaru Thinks About Men
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Digimon Savers - Bases (eps 01-05)

Uh... lol, so I felt like making icons and ended up just making a ton of bases for eps 1-5. =w=
A lot of Masaru because I can't get enough of his expressions >w<

Total Icon Count: 112


Collapse ) If people like them enough, I'll do these for more eps? XD X-posted to digimon_savers, digimon, digimon_icons